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Here is an opportunity to get the satisfaction of helping our big cats and other animals. As you can imagine, it is very expensive to feed and house a lion or a tiger. The health care bills alone can be several thousand dollars per visit. You can choose to help with the food bill, vet bills or miscellaneous expenses or all of the above.

Yes. I can help. I will donate:

We need to build 2 more Large enclosures
 requiring 70+ linear feet of 9 gauge chain link fence.
( Needs to be 14' high minimum)
50 tons of gravel and 50 tons of crushed limestone.

Short term Goals (within 1 year)

A Pole Building 60'x40' to store equipment and materials
... In Progress
A meat cutting room in the garage with water accessible ...Almost Finished
Maintain at least 1 cage ahead at all times

Here is a list of items that we need:

Wish List

"Box Truck" for transporting Big Cats
Large Trailer for hauling materials

On Going supplies list:

Paper Towels
Laundry detergent
Dry dog and cat food
Cat litter- clumping
Canned dog and cat food
Chain link fence- 9 gauge
Fence poles and rails- schedule 40
Large rocks
Concrete mix- in bags
Lumber- 2x4, 2x6, 2x10
Plywood- interior,exterior and T1-11
Gravel- "berm", crushed limestone
Security cameras and monitors
Light bulbs- floodlights and interior bulbs
Hardware- nuts,bolts, screws
Padlocks- all Keyed alike- need 20
Spray bottles
Large walk-on scales for animal weight
Frontline flea,tick control
Pet Heating pads
Pvc pipe and flexible drain line


Acquire additional land
Need 2 Out buildings / living quarters for volunteers

Any and all help is very much appreciated
Ellen Chester