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1. We Rescue and Provide Lifetime housing for rescued exotic cats.
2. We DO NOT breed any exotic species.
2. We Educate about the hazards and tragedies involved in private ownership of wild exotic cats and any other wild animals.

The Real Story
        These animals come to RescueOne in many different ways. In some cases they faced imminent death if no action was taken. Many of them come to us in extremely poor health due to bad nutrition and/or physical abuse and neglect. In many cases these animals were purchased as "pets". Owners quickly realize that a "lion or tiger" will not only destroy your house, but will hurt (or Kill )family members as well. They have few viable options. Zoos are unable to house these unwanted animals due to space limitations and other issues.
         RescueOne is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. We run solely on public donations and volunteers.
         As we are writing this letter today, there are so many animals throughout this country that are in need of a safe haven such as RescueOne provides. The more empowered we are by caring supporters the more power we have to save the lives of these beautiful but unfortunate and desperate animals.

RescueOne is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of exotic wild cats. We Help by providing a refuge where unwanted and/or abused captive exotic cats can live out their lives in a safe, care-free environment.